Connecticut SPJ opens the door for collaboration

By Lila Carney
Board member

Being a journalism educator, my goal is to prepare my students for the professional world. It’s tough to do.

Journalism is a field that is constantly changing. There are always updates in technology, operations, expectations, job descriptions — this list could truly be endless.

To prepare, universities offer opportunities to students on campus that are awesome: Write for your campus newspaper. Have a radio show. Contribute to your university’s television station. Rounding out the opportunities is collaboration with professionals around our state.

That is where the Connecticut Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists comes in.

Connecticut SPJ offers programs that educate both professionals and students. Besides that, it allows students to network with professionals and professionals to network with some of the most up-and-coming, self-motivated media students.

We are planning another opportunity for this to happen in April. Stay tuned for more information on an educational program about weather reporting. We are working on a partnership with WTNH where professionals and students will be able to learn more about effective weather reporting – something almost every journalist will likely have to do some day.

Besides this program, keep your eyes open for all the opportunities Connecticut SPJ is offering. You never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll meet – maybe it will be your next boss or star reporter!

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