Minutes from Dec. 6, 2020, CTSPJ board meeting

CT SPJ board meeting minutes

Sunday, Dec. 6, at 2 p.m., via Zoom

1. Call to order – Viktoria Sundqvist calls the meeting to order at 2:09 p.m.

Present: Lindsay Boyle, Viktoria Sundqvist, Mike Savino, Darren Sweeney, Cindy Simoneau, Jordan Fenster, Bruno Matarazzo, Ayah Galal, Aaron Johnson, Jodie Mozdzer Gil, Jackie Stoughton, Jeniece Roman

2. Approval of minutes

  1. Action item: Approve minutes from July 12 board meeting
  2. Action item: Approve minutes from special meeting on Nov. 15 date

-Viktoria makes a motion to approve the minutes

-Mike seconds the motion

-Motion unanimously approved

3. President’s report

  • Update from national
  • Membership update
  • Regional conference 2021 update

-New database should help user experience for members; no votes taken

4. Treasurer’s report

  • Financial overview
  • Action item: annual approval of donations
  • SCSU SPJ, $750
  • CCSU SPJ, $500
  • Bob Eddy Scholarship, $1,000
  • CFOG, $250
  • CCFOI, $500
  • SPJ LDF, $500
  • No money needed this year for SPJ Region 1 ($500) or CT FOI Day ($500)

-All scholarships were paid; board’s financial health is strong

-Jordan makes a motion to approve all of the suggested funds for donations

-Mike seconds the motion

-Motion passes 9-0 with three abstentions (Mike, Jodie, Aaron)

5. Committee updates

  • Programming (Mike)
  • Contest (Jodie)
  • Scholarship (Lindsay)
  • Membership (Vik)
  • FOI (Mike)
  • Communications (Mercy)

-The board will add COVID categories to the contest

-General, features, data?

-Viktoria asks committee to have a meeting and report back

-More discussion but no action taken

6. Dinner/Awards

  • Discussion: Do we start planning a virtual event?

-The board will wait until later to decide

7. Adjourn – Viktoria moves to adjourn at 3:18 p.m.

-Jodie seconds the motion

-Motion passes unanimously

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