How Connecticut Media Responded To Newtown Shooting

A collection of reflections and articles on how news organizations in Connecticut have covered the school shooting in Newtown Dec. 14.

Newtown Bee Coverage

CTMirror: At the Newtown Bee: Reporting While Grieving 

Poynter: How The Newtown Bee Is covering Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

Slate: Newtown Bee: “Please Stay Away From The Victims”

Journalists Reflect

Matt DeRienzo: A newspaper company comes together to cover Newtown

CJR: A laurel to the Hartford Courant

Michael Bellmore: Last night I wasn’t happy

Dwight Silverman: A journey to Newtown

If you know of other reflections from Connecticut journalists, please send a link to CTSPJ Vice President of Communications, Jamie DeLoma, at



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