2012-13 College Journalism Contest winners



Print/Online > Editorial/ Op-Ed

(1); Understanding, not just knowledge of, freedoms is vital; UConn Daily Campus; Gregory Koch

(2); Ten years after the mother of all controversies; UConn Daily Campus; Jesse Rifkin

Print/Online > Feature

(1); The chief’s descendent: Melody Red Wing connects with her heritage through dance; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Anna Wagner

(2); The gender gap: The effects of women outnumbering men in higher education; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Catherine Boudreau

(HM); In my own words; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Busekroos

Print/Online > Feature Photo

(1); Reunited on the pitch; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Eisenberg

(2); Soccer night in Newtown; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Eisenberg

(HM); Baron Brothers; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Anna Brundage

Print/Online > General Column

(1); Students pat for cancelled classes; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Caroline Moses

(2); How the beautiful game helped mend a broken town; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Eisenberg

(HM); Fairfield U’s most notorious residents; Fairfield Mirror; Jay Polanksy

Print/Online > General Reporting

(1); Sandy takes her toll on beach living; Fairfield Mirror; Laura O’Reilly

(2); Marathon mayhem; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Eisenberg

Print/Online > News Photo

(HM); School of Medicine accepting body donations; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Madeline Hardy

Print/Online > Non-Page 1 layout

(1); Winter fantasy; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Michele SnowPrint/Online > Non-Page 1 layout

(2); ‘Buying up’ Whitney; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Michele

(HM); Theatre in the raw; Fairfield Mirror; Kelsey Guerin

Print/Online > Page 1 layout

(1); Women’s basketball cover; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Eisenberg

Print/Online > Sports Feature Story

(1); Born to shine; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Cassie Comeau

(2); Joe Arnone: A true Blue Devil; The Recorder; Brittany Burke

Print/Online > Sports News Story

(1); One golden opportunity: Undefeated New Blue ready for first game at QU; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Eisenberg

Print/Online > Sports Photo

(1); Women’s rugby; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Katie O’Brien

(2); McQuain kiss; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Eisenberg

(HM); Intramural bicycle kick; Quinnipiac Chronicle; Matt Eisenberg

Video > Commentary

(1); Quinnipiac joins the MAAC; Q30 Television; Jon Alba; Michael Auletta; Jordan Katz

Video > Feature

(1); Rare genetic disease; Central Connecticut State University; Ivan Roman; Nicholas Matson; Brianna Bruneau

Video > Sports Feature Story

(1); Sandlot stats; Q30 Television; Jon Alba

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