Connecticut SPJ presents: Weather reporting 101

By Lila Carney
Connecticut SPJ board memberĀ 

Weather is the most watched part of a TV newscast. It’s why people turn on their televisions at 4 a.m. It effects everyone.

I still remember last October’s snowstorm that trapped me in rainy Orlando with 12 college students, and left a good part of the Northeast without power for days.

How could we have planned better as reporters? How can we more effectively partner with our meteorologists? And most importantly, what will we be in for this winter — and fall?

The Connecticut Pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists wants to help you be prepared to report on that next storm.

NBC Connecticut meteorologist Darren Sweeney will discuss how to better implement weather forecasts into your reporting.

Saturday, Oct. 27
10:15 a.m.
NBC Connecticut
1422 New Britain Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06110

Free for members, non-members and students

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